George A Macmillan’s Letters & Narrative of the first 50 years

"In the spring of 1877 I made my first visit to Greece, in company with Professor Mahaffy and two other friends, having to some extent prepared myself by reading and by visits to the British Museum, where I became acquainted with Mr. Newton, then Keeper of Greek and Roman Antiquities. This memorable journey laid the foundation of my keen interest in Greek archaeology. After my return I made the acquaintance of Mr. John Gennadius, then Charge d’Affaires, and afterwards Minister, for Greece in this country. It was from him that I first heard of the French Association pour l’encouragement des etudes grecques, of which I became a life member. The idea naturally arose, and was constantly discussed between us, that a similar society might with advantage be founded in England.” (George A. Macmillan, on the foundation of SPHS at the Society’s 25th anniversary celebrations, 1904).

Letter to his father Alexander (March 28th 1877)

Letter to his brother Malcolm (April 14th 1877)

Letter to his sister Olive (April 17th 1877)

Account of the first 50 years of the Society (1879-1929)





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