Professor Judith Mossman


Professor Pat Easterling FBA,  Professor Robert Fowler FBA, Mr Brian GilmoreMr. George Lemos, Dr. Pantelis Michelakis, Professor Robin Osborne FBA,  Professor Christopher Rowe OBE, Professor Ken Saunders MD DSc FRCP, Professor Malcolm Schofield FBA, Professor Brian Sparkes, Dr. David Thomas.

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Peter Lennon
Honorary Secretary: Dr Margaret Mountford
Membership Officer: vacant
Executive Secretary: Richella Doyle

Editor JHS: Professor Douglas Cairns
Editor JHS Reviews:
Dr. Fiona Hobdon

Joint Executive Secretary (October 2017-April 2018): Naomi Rebis


Report and financial statements

Rules of the Society


Elected 2015

Dr Evelien Bracke (resigned June 2017)
Dr Elena Giusti
Dr Jan Haywood
Dr Duncan McCombie
Dr Christos Nifadopoulos
Dr Nicolas Wiater

Elected 2016

Dr Bruno Currie
Miss Amelia Dowler
Dr Steven Kennedy
Professor Judith Mossman
Mrs Maria Oikonomou
Dr Vasiliki Zali

Elected 2017

Dr Emma Aston
Dr Susan Deacy
Dr Stephen Harrison
Dr Antony Makrinos
Dr James Thorne

Joint Executive Secretary (October 2017-April 2018):Helena Meskanen

Members of the Council serve for a period of three years. They are chosen from the membership of the Society and are proposed by the Council and elected at the Annual General Meeting. In selecting members the Council seeks to achieve a spread/balance of gender /age /geography /skills and background. Council is keen to recruit not only professional academics and those who teach Greek and related subjects in schools, but also members with skills which will help to run the charity, such as accountancy, legal and/or investment experience, or which will promote outreach, such as marketing, event or conference organization and IT/media skills. We particularly welcome interest from younger members of the Society. Anyone interested in becoming a member of Council is encouraged to approach any of the officers.

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