School Grants F.A.Qs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I apply for?

The money applied for is for the use of the development of new courses in Greek; books and teaching/learning materials; Classics days or conferences; Greek plays by schools and summer schools. The money is not for the funding of staff.

2) How much money can I apply for?

Grants are usually in the range of £100-£500, but larger amounts will be considered and are sometimes awarded.

3) When are the deadlines?

1st May and 1st October

4) What do I need to do for the application?

Information needs to be provided concerning the school applying; the nature of the project; the duration of the project; the estimated funding requirement and any other funding applied for. Unless stated or asked for, no further documentation is required with the application. All completed application forms and any related documentation must be emailed to the Hellenic Society by 1st October or 1st May at:

5) If I have further questions about the grant whom do I contact?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact The Hellenic Society at

6) What is expected of me?

If you are a successful applicant you will be expected to post information about the use of grant money on social media; take photographs which can be further used by the Hellenic Society; write a blog and finally write a report at the end of the project for which the money was granted. This applies not only to events and conferences but also to money granted for teaching and learning resources. Before taking photographs please gain parental consent; a form for this is attached to the application form.

7) What does the report look like?

The report requires feedback upon the project; its success and engagement by students as well as some financial feedback. The form is downloadable attached to the application form, and follows these FAQs.

8) How likely is it that I will get the grant?

Each application for a grant will be carefully considered by the committee. There is a good chance that applications that fulfil the brief will be granted at least part of the funding requested. This means your project must fulfil the mission of the society which is to be committed to helping schools promote and teach about Hellenic culture, history and language.

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