Refunds & Privacy Policy

Refunds Policy

Membership is acquired immediately on payment of the first subscription. Refunds will not ordinarily be given in the event that a person resigns from membership, however brief their membership period. However, the Hon. Treasurer may consider applications for full or partial refunds from resigning members if pertinent circumstances are set out in the application, but in no event will a full refund be given unless a resignation is received within ten days of joining, or if in the meantime either or both of the journals for the current year have been posted to the member or the member has borrowed a book or books from the library or the member has attended the Annual General Meeting. The ten days may be extended at our discretion if the library is shut for at least five of them.

Student Associates are admitted on payment of their first subscription plus evidence of their entitlement to the status. Subscriptions will be refunded in full if the evidence is provided within 10 days of payment and is rejected as unsatisfactory or if the application is rejected for any other reason, subject to return undamaged of any journals that have been provided and any books that have been borrowed.

The Society does not commit itself to returning donations if the donor subsequently regrets donating.

On application, refunds for books and back copies of periodicals sent by post will be made if the book or periodical is found not to be in a satisfactory condition on arrival and is returned within 14 days of receipt.

On application, refunds for paid-for tickets for events will be made in full on cancellation by the buyer, as long as cancellation and return of any tickets occur more than 24 hours before the event.

Refunds for other goods and services will be considered on a case-by-case basis. On application, Refunds will be made in full for defective goods (other than second hand books) returned within 14 days of purchase, or as required by the Sale of Goods Act. On application, refunds will be made in full for paid-for events cancelled by the Society.

Privacy Policy

The Society does not retain customer’s credit card details nor do we share them with any 3rd parties.

Members’ personal details (but not their credit card details), and the details of any non-members who subscribe to Archaeological Reports, will be passed to Cambridge University Press, the publisher of the Society’s journals, and also to the University of London, but only for the purposes of the administration of the library. With those exceptions, members’ and purchasers’ personal details will not be passed to any other body.

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