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Contents (May 2015)

The New Athens, Diana Farr Louis
Mysterious Scrolls, Robert Fowler
Writers On Greece, John Julius Norwich & Harry Mount
Confessions Of A Novice Olive Farmer, Alex Martin
Finding Love In Cyprus, Anja Ulbrich
In Search Of Palladas, Kathryn Gutzwiller
In Theatre We Are All Greeks, Edith Hall
How to Build a Colossus, Nikolaos Kotziamanis
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Contents (Autumn/Winter 2015)

The Problem With Sappho, Tim Whitmarsh
In Memory of Martin Litchfield West, Jane Lightfoot
Michael Ventris: The Man Who Deciphered Linear B, Andrew Robinson
A New Home, Violet Hudson
When The Night Draws In, Diana Farr Louis
Spartan Land, Harry Mount
Defining Beauty, Sadie Pickup
Smyrna: Return of the Greeks?, Paul Watkins
Albert Camus: An Existentialist in Athens, Luke Richardson
Back To School, Steven Hunt
Myth in a Child's World, Philip Womack
Walking in Messolonghi, Veronica Kotziamani
Reduced to a Block of Stone, Tom Winnifrith
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Contents (Spring/Summer 2016)

Paul Cartledge celebrates the (putative) 2,600th anniversary of a Greek solar eclipse prediction by Thales
Armand D’Angour seeks to discover the true sound of ancient Greek music
Bob Doran describes a thrilling performance of Aeschylus’ Oresteia at Manchester’s HOME Theatre
Mathura Umachandran discovers how Classics is aiding women on the margins of society
Peter Liddel reports from the 9th Leventis Conference, Ancient Greek History and Contemporary Social Science
John Ellis Jones reflects on a fascinating series of British rescue excavations in the Peloponnese in the 1960s
Andrew David Burchill embarks upon a Sicilian expedition, which takes him back to his student days reading Thucydides

Leonie Breeds talks to Peter Frankopan about the Silk Roads
Jonathan Harris on the rise and fall of Baldwin, the first Latin Emperor of Constantinople
Minoo Dinshaw enjoys a Byzantium-inspired feast … in Greenwich

Paul Watkins looks at how non-profit NGO Elliniki Etairia is preserving Greece’s beauty
Stella Sevastopoulos meets the artists defying the economic crisis in Athens
Laura Freeman says Patrick Leigh Fermor and his illustrator John Craxton were such procrastinators it’s a wonder they got anything done
Luke Richardson considers Cocteau, Arcade Fire and Orpheus

Chris Tudor on three very different translations of the Iliad
Jan Haywood on Aubrey de Sélincourt, The World of Herodotus
Daisy Dunn on Penelope S. Delta, A Tale Without a Name

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