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Dunn-Daisy-200x235Letter from the Editor, Daisy Dunn

People are drawn to Greece for many different reasons. Cast your eye down the list of contributors to this issue, and you will find authors and publishers, university classicists and researchers, students and educators, journalists and photographers, translators and modern historians, photographers and filmakers. In the course of editing this editon of ARGO, I was struck by how far a profession may influence one's way of seeing a place (continue reading).

Contents (Autumn/Winter 2016)


James Robson asks whether Kenneth Dover's 'Greek Homosexuality' can penetrate our fluid sexual society today
Carol Atack asks whether the democracies of classical Athens offer any solutions to today's political problems
Ilyas Mardin enjoys a week with the Sardis Expedition in western Turkey

Arlene Holmes-Henderson looks at the diverse range of initiatives being used to help Classical Greek flourish in schools
Marco Benoît Carbone on how Greek myths and history continue to fuel the tourist industry
Harry Mount describes Odysseus' journey round the Mediterranean - in a cruise ship
John Ellis Jones pays tribute to his friend and former colleague Joan Haldane

Joshua Barley travels from Athens to the border of Albania in search of the haunting song of Epirus
Giles Milton on an Anglo-Greek sabotage mission that altered the course of the Second World War
Nikos Nikolopoulos on shooting his award-winning feature film 'Polk'
Victoria Hislop on why her new novel, 'Cartes Postales from Greece', is a loveletter to Greece

Paul Watkins on Sharon Gerstel winning the 2016 Runciman Award
Elizabeth Jeffreys on Sharon Gerstel, 'Rural Lives and Landscapes in Late Byzantium'
Paul Cartledge on Martha L. Carter, 'Arts of the Hellenized East'
Richard Stoneman on Marie-Claire Beaulieu, 'The Sea in the Greek Imagination'
Alice Dunn on HRH Princess Tatiana and Diana Farr Louis, 'A Taste of Greece'

Editorial Committee

Professor Robert Fowler, Dr Daisy Dunn (Editor), Dr Margaret Mountford, Mr Peter Lennon,   Dr Evelien Bracke, Professor Paul Cartledge, Ms Richella Doyle, Dr Lisa Hau.

Contributions to ARGO should be emailed to the Editor Dr Daisy Dunn.


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