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Dunn-Daisy-200x235Letter from the Editor, Daisy Dunn

The first piece of research I ever undertook was on an animal known as the Babomousse. I was six years old and confident that, if only I read enough books, I would discover everything my teacher wanted to know about this mysterious creature: its size, colour, habitat and favourite food. I read and read only to be told at the end of the week that there was no such thng as a Babomousse; it was an invention, part of an exercise intended to test our reading. It certainly tested my patience (continue reading).

Contents (Spring Summer 2017)


Amy Coker on deciphering the connotations of the fruitest words and phrases from ancient Greece
Matthew Cobb explores India in the early Greek imagination
Paul Watkins reports on the astonishing recent find of a Bronze Age tomb in the Peloponnese
Stephen Harrison looks at the problems that confront historians of Alexander the Great

Evelien Bracke discovers some educational uses for classical myth in modern politics
Margaret Mountford on why she was right to tell the Sunday Times that tattoos carry a 'stigma'
Alice Dunn on the pleasures and pitfalls of adapting Greek culture to clothes

Catherine Queen describes the fascinating array of Greek dances through which she gained a window into the Hellenic soul
Paul Watkins celebrates the 100th birthday of the last survivor of 'Operation Harling'

Chris Tudor on Matthew Wright, The Lost Plays of Greek Tragedy 1. Neglected Authors
Jerremy Warren on Jens M. Daehner and Kenneth Lapatin (eds), Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World
Paul Cartledge on Geoffrey Parker and Brenda Parker, The Persians
Paul Cartledge on Bettany Hughes, Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities
Leonie Breeds on John Mole, The Hero of Negropont: Tales of Travellers, Turks, Greeks and a Camel

Editorial Committee

Professor Judith Mossman, Dr Daisy Dunn (Editor), Dr Margaret Mountford, Mr Peter Lennon,  Professor Paul Cartledge, Ms Richella Doyle, Dr Lisa Hau, Dr Vasiliki Zali.

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