Grants to Institutions and Schools

The Hellenic Society Council considers applications from institutions and Schools for small grants to assist projects and events in the field of Hellenic Studies (2017 May Awards; 2016 May Awards; 2015 Awards list; 2014 Awards list).

Application deadlines: 1st May and 1st October.


  • student bursary schemes for academic conferences
  • productions of Greek drama
  • Hellenic events
  • student fieldwork bursaries


  • the development of new courses in Greek
  • books & other teaching materials
  • Classics days or conferences
  • Greek plays by schools
  • summer schools for school pupils
Grants are usually in the range of £100-£500, but larger amounts are sometimes awarded.

SPHS Regional Conference, 1st November deadline.

The Hellenic Society Council will consider applications from Universities for a grant to assist an academic event in the field of Hellenic Studies. The grant is up to £2,000 for an academic conference on a research topic concerning any aspect of Hellenic Studies. Preference will be given to conferences outside of London with a strong public outreach element involving local schools and/or the community.

Regional Conference Application Form

Grants to Postgraduates and Young Scholars

The Dover Fund, 1st May deadline.

The Dover Fund, set up in honour of Sir Kenneth Dover, is administered by the Hellenic Society. Its purposes are:

  • to further the study of the history of the Greek language in any period from the Bronze Age to the 15th century AD, and
  • to further the edition and exegesis of Greek texts, including papyri and inscriptions, from any period within those same limits.

Grants from this Fund will be made for such purposes as visits to libraries, museums and sites. For instance, support may be offered to graduate students or young scholars outside the London area to enable them to take advantage of the excellent facilities of the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies and the Institute of Classical Studies Library. The purpose of such support is to assist with travel, accommodation and subsistence costs, normally for up to a week. The sums awarded will vary according to the needs of the applicant, but most grants will be in the range £50 – £400; larger grants may be made from time to time at the discretion of the committee.

Applications must be received by May 1st of the year in which a grant is sought.

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